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GBS Logistics is specializing in logistics solutions for internet trade.

GBS Logistics has developed a unique solution for picking up and delivering parcels. GBS Logistics can ensure optimal usability and transparency throughout the process from booking to delivery.

Book – Track – Receive

When you shop at any of our verified pick-up sites, you have the option of using us to help you ship your products all the way to your front door.

  • Book: It is easy to book shipping through our proprietary booking form.
  • Track: You are in control. You can track your parcels from pick-up to delivery. You will receive an e-mail with your tracking number/s as soon as they have been issued.
  • Receive: We deliver your parcel all the way to your front door.

Easy & Fast

When you shop at one of our verified pick-up sites and book shipping with us, we will pick up your products at the secure pick-up point and deliver all the way to your front door.

It is easy, fast and reliable to book shipping through our automated shipping form. We don't request any unnecessary information making it simple and fast to book shipping with us.

GBS Logistics is the fastest shipping alternative to transport products you have ordered at our verified pick-up sites through internet.

Reliable & Cheap

The shipping solutions offered through GBS Logistics are based on partnerships with some of the most reliable shipping and logistics companies worldwide. We can thus offer shipping solutions that are safe, fast and reliable.

GBS Logistics provides insurance with 100 % coverage for physical loss or damage for all shipments. Customers are thereby protected against any financial risks. Learn more about shipment and insurance by reading our terms and conditions.

When you shop in countries with preferential terms such as lower sales tax/VAT, you can save substantial money. The EU regulations stipulate that you only pay VAT/Sales tax in the country where you are shopping. If you shop in a country with low or no VAT and ship the products yourself via GBS Logistics, you can save a lot of money.